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As an Ofqual recognised Awarding Organisation, we pride ourselves on driving up standards in education through provision of regulated qualifications that sit on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).

But we also like to help recognise the great work that you, our Recognised Centres and Training Providers, do in delivering more bespoke or niche courses that might not necessarily lend themselves to the regulated environment. Here’s where our endorsed service can help.

What are Endorsed courses?

An endorsed course of learning is well, exactly that, a course of learning which Training Qualifications UK can evaluate and endorse as a suitable and beneficial learning platform for learners.

When TQUK endorses a course of learning, we are declaring that we have confidence in your ability to develop and deliver quality courses in your areas of expertise.

Whilst we don’t have a hand in defining the content of these courses, or design, mark or monitor the assessments, the TQUK endorsement status shows that you are consistently meeting the high standards that we demand from our Recognised Centres in delivering a high quality learning experience for the learner which provides them with the necessary skills and knowledge in a particular subject area.

Below is a breakdown of what you can expect when opting for the endorsed course option with Training Qualifications UK.


 Regulated Qualification

Endorsed Course

Developed by TQUK  
Centre subject to yearly EQA Activities
(External Quality Assurance)
Certificate issued by TQUK
to successful candidates
Assessment undertaken or
verified by TQUK
Sits on the Regulated Qualifications
Framework (RQF)

What do Endorsed
certificates look like?

We refer to these programmes of learning as endorsed courses as opposed to regulated qualifications. Regulated qualifications are the qualifications we are recognised by Ofqual to award. These qualifications go through stringent development and accreditation processes that our endorsed provision isn’t subject to.

For this reason, the certificates that your learners receive will look slightly different to the ones that we award for qualifications. For example, they will bear the TQUK endorsed logo and the wording will refer to ‘courses’ rather than ‘qualifications’.

Endorsed Certificate Sample

What do Regulated
certificates look like?

Regulated qualifications can only be awarded by an Ofqual Awarding Organisation. They are subject to quality assurance checks throughout and users of them can be assured that the outcomes are standardised; wherever or whenever a learner sits the assessments they will have demonstrated the abilities to achieve a pass.

The responsibility for awarding the qualification lies with TQUK and the requirements are described in the relevant Qualification Specification. TQUK will review the assessment and quality assurance decisions of centres in order to confirm that standards are being met.

Regulated Certificate Sample

What are the implications?

It is important that users of qualifications – candidates, employers, colleges and universities – can be confident in the certificate that they are presented with and that they understand what it represents.

We, as an Awarding Organisation, and you, as a centre, have a responsibility to learners to make sure we do everything we can to help them navigate the sector and make informed choices.

Education is a heavily regulated sector, and rightly so. One of the regulatory requirements that we have to meet as Ofqual regulated Awarding Organisation is centred around making sure that learners ‘know what they are getting’ in terms of the products we provide.

This knowledge extends to making sure that centres are marketing regulated qualifications and endorsed courses clearly and correctly. You will need to ensure that all of your learners know the difference between regulated and endorsed provision and know which of these they are working towards.

If you have any questions regarding TQUK Endorsed Provision, please get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of the page. A member of the team will be in touch as soon as possible.

If you’re offering TQUK Endorsed Provision,
you should:

  • Distinguish clearly between these courses and any regulated qualifications that you offer through Training Qualifications UK or another Ofqual Awarding Organisation
  • Refer to your courses as being endorsed by us
  • Make sure learners on your course know that they will progress to an endorsed achievement rather than a regulated one
  • Be prepared to talk to learners and employers about the two types of provision (Regulated and Endorsed) and help them make choices about what is best for them
  • Be confident in promoting, and proud of your Training Qualifications UK endorsed status
  • Include on your website a link to the Ofqual Register of Qualifications for any regulated qualifications that you offer

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