Celebrating the women of TQUK with International Women’s Day 2022

International Women’s Day was introduced by the UN to celebrate the achievements of women and promote gender equality. There’s an obvious bite back about equality meaning no one gender is lifted or celebrated above any other, of course. However, that argument ignores the many, many nuances associated with discrimination and the deeply embedded culture of a society that is built around and for men.

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Streamlined support… the TQUK way

We here at Training Qualifications UK are dedicated to creating truly exceptional customer experiences. It’s not enough for us to simply meet your needs… we want to go above and beyond for you, helping you get everything you need to help your learners and Apprentices be their very best.  

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Top 5 skills employers look for in 2021

Here at TQUK, we understand that applying for jobs can be difficult. Industries are becoming more competitive and understanding the specific skills that are needed to get into a chosen sector can be complicated. According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of young people aged 18 – 24 years who were not in education, employment or training from January to March 2021 was at a record low of 679,000. With a record low that has been relatively flat since 2017, how do we continue to decrease the number of young people who are unemployed?

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TQUK partners with The Skills Network

Here at Training Qualifications UK, we’re proud to be partnered with The Skills Network (TSN) to produce and endorse a range of learning resources.  

The partnership brings together the fastest growing awarding organization in the UK with one of the country’s leading providers of qualification resources and skills solutions.  

Resources are available for a wide range of qualifications. Just look in the ‘TSN’ column in our qualifications search engine to see if the qualification you’re looking for has TSN resources associated with it. 

Based in Selby, Yorkshire, The Skills Network is one of the UK’s most successful providers of technology-enabled training and skills solutions. Developing an impressive selection of qualification materials, they deliver a number of innovative products and services to colleges, local authorities and training providers.  

Claire Conlaund, Managing Director at The Skills Network, said: 

“The Skills Network are delighted to have secured this partnership with Training Qualifications UK. It is with great pride that we begin this journey of working alongside the fastest growing awarding organisation in the UK, and through working in conjunction with TQUK’s brilliant global reputation and suite of regulated qualifications, we can in-turn enhance our own portfolio of courses.’ 

‘We look forward to building on our opening collection of TQUK endorsed qualification resources, as we look to roll-out further learning resources as the partnership flourishes.” 

The Skills Network help individuals increase their skill sets, whether that’s for job opportunities or gaining knowledge in specific subjects, TSN enable  people to get exactly what they need to power forward in the next step of their life. 

Andrew Walker, TQUK Managing Director said: “I’m delighted that we’ve been able to partner with such a fantastic organisation like The Skills Network. We feel that The Skills Network and ourselves are very much alike in terms of our commitment to innovative and contemporary approaches to qualifications and resources.’ 

‘Their range of learning resources is second to none and we look forward to driving our partnership forward past the opening six resources we have endorsed and worked on with them so far.’ 

‘The partnership promises to be of great benefit to those training providers and learners associated with both of our organisations.” 

To see all the TQUK qualifications that The Skills Network offer, take a look at their website. 

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23 Sep 2021

What are Professional Discussions?

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17 Mar 2020

The Benefits of E-Certificates

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02 Mar 2020

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