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Secure, digital certificates, downloadable or delivered directly to your inbox at no extra cost

Why choose e-certificates?

99.9% of e-certificates are received within 24 hours

Receive both paper and
e-certificates to eliminate scans

Verify the authenticity of
e-certificates online in seconds

Eliminate the time and expense of postage and packing

No need to share PDF files. Simply share the unique e-certificate link

Benefit from greater savings with the "direct to learner" feature

What are e-certificates?

TQUK e-certificates are the digital, modern alternative to traditional paper certificates. They are designed with quick release, faster funding claims and easy, secure verification in mind.

PDF e-certificates are available in two formats:

Paperless e-certificates

Our most streamlined approach. Paperless e-certificates replace the need for traditional paper certificates.

Paperless certificates are e-mailed directly to your inbox. From there it’s as easy as e-mailing on to your learners or printing on behalf of your learners. For even greater efficiency, our “direct to learner” e-certificates preference will deliver e-certificates straight to your learner inboxes.

Supporting e-certificates

Supporting e-certificates are designed to complement the traditional paper certificate approach.

PDF certificates are made available to view and download online as soon as paper certificates have been released, and can be easily distributed to learners or third parties.

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API Integration

Seamlessly connect your internal systems to Training Qualifications UK’s Verve system, and automatically process registrations, claims and supporting processes at no extra cost.

Why integrate?

Simplify each process by only logging into your system

Automatically transfer data accurately, reducing administrative errors

Eliminate the time and expense of data entry within your administration team

What is an API integration?​

An API integration enables multiple programs to interact with one another. Think of it like two people who speak different languages. Without a translator, they have no way to connect with one another as there is a “language barrier”.

Programs are just the same. The API acts as a means to connect two programs together so that they are speaking the same language.

With the two systems connected, an API will define how the two programs interact with one another. In this case it is largely the transfer of registration and claims data, enabling our centres to manage learners without logging into the TQUK Verve system.


Comprehensive, easy-to-use software solutions, built by assessment experts and tailored for centres.

What is Verve

Verve is a secure and innovative platform for centres, designed to simplify administrative processes, and place your most important data at your fingertips.

Our specially designed user interface enables the quick and efficient handling of:

Learner Registrations

Staff Approval

Certificate Downloads

Support Materials Downloads

Exam Registrations

Certificate Claims

Centre Preferences

Unlike our competitors, we design our own systems. We have combined our expertise in assessment with feedback and suggestions from our centres to create a system that puts the user first.

With this approach, we have already introduced:

  • e-certificates
  • Direct to learner e-certificates
  • API Integration
  • Rules of Combination Tool

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TQUK Recognised Centres

Joining Training Qualifications UK as a Recognised Centre brings a host of benefits.

No annual membership fee

A dedicated Client Relationship Officer assigned to your centre, helping you through every process

99% of e-certificates issued within 24 hours of request and paper certificates within 48 hours


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