Since 2013, hard work and determination has been invested to develop Training Qualifications UK into a World Class Awarding Organisation. Starting on a mission with a certain set of values and collecting a few new ones along the way.


TQUK MENA’s vision is to be the first choice UK qualification provision hub for employers and educators around the world. We seek to bridge the gaps between education and employment, and understand both the similarities and the differences between learners in countries across the globe whilst listening, understanding and actioning the needs and requirements of learners regionally.

We seek to provide affordable and accessible pathways for learners in the region through the provision of regulated British qualifications provided by our parent, Ofqual regulated, Awarding Organisation. TQUK MENA will consistently deliver the Training Qualifications UK brand and ethos in all required situations but seek to adapt it to the needs and aspirations of our regional/local identity and culture.

Core Beliefs

Our core beliefs were to be Brave, Committed, Driven, Smart and Trustworthy, but during the development of our company over the past few years we’ve added to our DNA along the way. Flexible, Caring, Responsible, Energetic and no matter what happens – through thick and thin – be Positive.

The application of these 10 values to our working day ensures that we are constantly providing all of our Recognised Centres the attention, commitment and support they need to deliver the best possible learning experience. But it also means we can constantly strive to improve ourselves as individuals and as a company as we grow.



1. Brave

'We will be courageous. Not fighting dragons but taking calculated risks and being unafraid to lead the way with innovative and revolutionary thinking.'

'This means you can come to us with ideas and we will not shy away from them. We will act on your behalf to challenge the status quo.'



2. Energetic

'We will put everything into, and squeeze everything out of, the working day. From the moment we get to the office in the morning to when we leave in the evening, we will ensure that we channel our energy into progress.'

'This means we will respond with the same enthusiasm and efficiency whether you contact us at 8am on a Monday or 6pm on a Friday.'



3. Flexible

'We will pride ourselves on being able to adapt to the needs of each and every centre we work with to help them do what they do best: train.'

'This means we’ll only say no when we have to. We’ll work with you to try new things and make sure we keep innovation on the right side of compliance.'



4. Driven

'We will aim to grow our company into the best Awarding Organisation across the UK and worldwide. At the heart of everything we do will be hard work and ambition.'

'This means we want to take you with us! We know that you’re as passionate as we are about what you do and we will help you grasp every opportunity that comes your way.'



5. Caring

'We will care about and take pride in the services we provide and about our centres and learners as individuals. Internally we will help each other and pull together as a team to get the job done.'

'This means you can be sure that we act in your best interests and always strive to make working with us as straightforward and stress-free as possible.'



6. Committed

'We will do everything we can to ensure that each and every one of our centres has everything it needs to be successful.'

'This means you can be sure we’ll go that extra mile to make sure your offer stands out from the crowd and that we will be proud to work with you.'



7. Smart

'We will think outside the box. We relish a challenge and will solve problems in an efficient, collaborative way, drawing on our expertise.'

'This means we welcome suggestions and approaches to explore new ideas for design, delivery or award of qualifications. We will work quickly to resolve any problems.'



8. Positive

'We will evolve and transform any pessimists. With the right ‘can do’ attitude, anything is possible and when you work with Training Qualifications UK you’ll see the difference.'

'This means as a Recognised Centre you will always be greeted with a smile and get the help you need.'



9. Trustworthy

'We will do what we say we will do. When things go wrong we will be honest and when things go right you can rely on us to keep it up.'

'This means we don’t underestimate the trust you place in us to help you provide a first-class learning experience.'



10. Responsible

'We will take responsibility for everything that we do, and work together to ensure that Training Qualifications UK is a finely tuned, well-oiled machine.'

'This means you will receive everything you need in a timely, efficient manner so you can start helping learners achieve their goals sooner and faster.'