Quality Assurance is fundamental to Training Qualifications UK and all other Awarding Organisations. It is embedded in all of our processes, products and services. Quality Assurance guarantees the integrity and value of our qualifications and/or assessments throughout their life cycle.

Quality is at the heart of the design and delivery of our qualifications and programmes.

A clearly defined and devised quality assurance strategy helps to ensure quality in all aspects of delivery and assessment. To achieve this, Centres must ensure that quality assurance is factored in at the planning stage of programmes of learning.

The Internal Quality Assurer (IQA) is one of the key players in quality assurance for qualifications, within both national frameworks and within each TQUK Approved Centre. The role, in terms of managing assessment, is key as they ensure the validity and reliability of qualifications.

When it comes to risk management and ensuring that certificates are claimed for Learners, the role of the IQA is key. They ensure that the requirements of national standards have been reliably met.

In summary, an IQA’s role is to:

  • Monitor the standard of the assessment process
  • Plan, operate and evaluate internal assessment and quality assurance systems
  • Sample Learner evidence and assessor feedback
  • Undertake observations of assessment activities
  • Lead standardisation activities
  • Identify any issues, trends or training requirements
  • Ensure all policies within a centre are adhered to
  • Support and develop tutors and/or assessors

The IQA must record and report on all sampling and monitoring that is carried out and undertaken in sufficient detail to justify their decision-making process. However, underpinning all IQA activity is the validity of the internal quality assurance sample. It is not good practice or a good use of IQA resources to maintain 100% checks on assessment decisions as this will imply a lack of confidence in both assessment practice and the internal quality assurance strategy.