Eliminate the stress and expense of sourcing course manuals for your short courses by taking advantage of TQUK's range of expertly-written course manuals that are available for free with the purchase of every qualification licence.

We are also keen to assist TQUK centres with marketing their qualifications, which is why we offer personalised manuals at no extra cost.*


  • Available for purchase at £1 each (with a minimum order of 500 manuals).
  • 60+ Page, fully illustrated, colour booklets.
  • Written by experienced first Aid/food Safety trainer.
  • Regularly reviewed and updated by medical/food standards consultants.
  • Perfect for revision, learning tools or reference.
  • Designed to accompany TQUK Assessment Records.
  • Personalised manuals include your company logo and contact details.

The Manuals

first_aid_manual_cover_tquk.jpgTraining Qualifications UK - First Aid Manual

A First Aider is someone who has attended a first aid course and is able to help a person that has been injured or taken ill before the arrival of medical professionals like paramedics, doctors or nurses. Our well-written and intricately illustrated First Aid Manual compliments the hands-on practical training you will get from your first aid trainer and supports the key knowledge necessary to be a confident first aider in any situation.

The Manual covers topics ranging from Breathing Problems to Bones, Muscle & Joint Injuries and Medical Emergencies. Please click on the manual to view a sample.

paediatric_cover.jpgTraining Qualifications UK - Paediatric First Aid Manual

A Paediatric First Aider is someone who has attended a suitable paediatric first aid course and who has the knowledge, skills and experience to help Infants and Children who have been injured or taken ill before the arrival of medical professionals like Paramedics, Doctors or Nurses. Our Paediatric First Aid Manual complements the hands-on practical training you will get from your first aid trainer and supports the key knowledge necessary to be a confident paediatric first aider in all situations.

CPR_and_AED_Manual.jpgTraining Qualifications UK - CPR and AED Manual

An AED or Automated External Defibrillator is a life saving device which gives anyone, trained or untrained, the ability to deliver a life saving shock of electricity to a victim of cardiac arrest. Designed to be the perfect compliment to any CPR/AED course, our manual complements the hands on practical training you will get and supports key knowledge needed to be a confident AED user.

The Manual covers topics ranging from Understanding AEDs to Basic Life Support and Using an AED.

fire_manual_cover_tquk_2.jpgTraining Qualifications UK - Fire Safety Manual

Companies should adopt a clear fire safety strategy, including risk assessments and training which involve all members of staff. This will create an environment in which individuals understand the dangers associated with fires. The truth is that most fires are preventable, and the fires that do occur in the workplace typically stem from laziness, negligence, irresponsibility, or a lack of competence in fire safety practices.

The Manual covers topics ranging from How Fire Risk is Controlled at Work to Fire Safety Management and the Role of the Fire Warden.————————————————————————


Training Qualifications UK - Food Safety Manual

Remember there are not only moral obligations but legal implications to not maintaining the highest of Food Safety standards which could include fines, closure or even going to prison! Food Safety is a serious business - and we have produced a Food Safety Manual which compliments both the instructor-led and e-learning courses, supporting the underpinning knowledge necessary to be a competent food handler.

The Manual covers topics ranging from Personal Responsibility for Food Safety to Keeping Food Safe and Personal Hygiene.————————————————————————

Not a TQUK centre? Delivering unregulated or HSE approved courses?

While written to accompany specific qualifications and contribute to the no-hassle TQUK experience, the manuals are equally suitable for use with other QCF qualifications and unregulated or HSE regulated courses. Best yet, because we offer a price match guarantee you can be sure to always be receiving the best value.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to place an order or request samples.

Assessment Records

FAW_Assessment.jpgYou can now buy pre-printed Assessment records from TQUK when you purchase qualification licences. These neat and colourful books can make the process of assessing your learners easier.

To view a sample of our latest assessment record for the TQUK Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work (QCF) course, click the image.