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Course Manuals

Eliminate the stress and expense of sourcing course manuals for your short courses by taking advantage of TQUKs range of expertly written course manuals which are available for free with the purchase of every qualification licence. We are also keen to assist TQUK centres with marketing their qualifications which is why we offer personalised manuals at no extra cost!

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Not a TQUK centre?

Delivering unregulated or HSE approved courses? Whilst written to accompany specific qualifications and contribute to the overall, no-hassle TQUK experience, the manuals are equally suitable for use with other QCF qualifications and unregulated or HSE regulated courses. Best yet, because we offer a price match guarantee you can be sure to always be receiving the best value.

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Assessment Records

Think back to your school days. Uniforms, suspect food, old textbooks, that older teacher who should have retired ten years earlier, what was the one thing worse than all of those? Exams!

For some vocational short courses, exams are unavoidable. For others, such as First Aid, Health and Safety and Fire Safety we always encourage portfolio based assessment. Allow your learners to demonstrate their practical skills in a stress-free learning environment by using the TQUK Assessment Records.

Written to fully meet the assessment criteria of the qualification, and to be used in conjunction with the TQUK course manuals they are a vital component of the no-hassle TQUK experience.

We offer two versions for TQUK centres, free downloadable assessment records and printed colour booklets, which start at £0.50.