These are the voyages of the awarding organisation, Training Qualifications UK: to explore strange new sectors of training, to seek out new areas for qualifications, to boldly go where no AO has gone before.

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I joined TQUK back in August of 2017 after applying and interviewing with the Senior Operations Manager. The new, shiny offices were located in my home town of Sale - I was keen to find a job not too far from home that would still challenge me and introduce me to new situations. I’m very glad I found it.

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apple-laptop-notebook-notes-large.jpgHelping both new training providers with their startup qualifications and to up-skill the current workforce of thriving providers, TQUK Training holds a wealth of benefits no matter what stage your business is at.

Once you’ve become a TQUK approved centre we can help with the training of tutors. So how does it work you ask?

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Leo Tolstoy, in his novel Anna Karenina, said that, ‘Paperwork is the soul of Russia’. Such a phrase emphasises how important the finer details can be to organisations whether they be small businesses or a country’s government. Increasing efficiencies, eliminating waste, recording the workings of an organisation, coordination of events, updating of policies, making sure the whole apparatus holds together – all these things can consume the hours of individuals or entire departments.

Administrators act as the mainline of data between departments, taking a glut of detail and turning it into easily digestible tables, graphs and reports. They ensure an organisation can conduct its everyday activities with optimum efficiency.

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2017 was good to us. It was unbelievable how good it was. But with the New Year, we’re looking forward to a new start. And every new start demands a change.

Perhaps the most exciting change in the past year was TQUK’s expansion into apprentice assessment services. The amount of work we’re slated to take on in 2018 meant we had to put together a new team of EPA operatives. This new EPA team will be headed up by Kelle McQuade, TQUK’s most recent Lead Business Development Manager.

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