As an awarding organisation, TQUK is keenly aware of the benefits that education and training can have on people. Both are the gateway to someone’s potential, the best and most valuable investment they can make.

This is not only true for individuals. It is also true for companies as well.

By investing in education and training, organisations increase the skills of their employees, allowing them to achieve their potential, be more productive and increase their wellbeing. The opportunity to continually improve also creates a more fulfilling life and career where individuals can multiply their abilities and expand their horizons.

This is an important issue, since job satisfaction in the UK is at a fairly low level.

Recently, the CIPD, published a 2017 study of job satisfaction of employees across the UK. Among its finding were that employees with the most job satisfaction felt that they had managers that cared for their engagement with work, had opportunities to learn new skills and had openings to progress, whether laterally or hierarchically.

One of the most important areas that surveyed employees to their job satisfaction was their ability to learn and grow. Of workers surveyed who were looking for other jobs:

  • 46% cited a desire for increased job satisfaction;
  • 23% cited opportunities for promotion;
  • 20% cited to gain upward promotion to a higher level within a different organisation;
  • 19% cited a desire to learn new things;
  • 14% cited a desire for better training and development.

Organisations that invest in employee training see concrete benefits. Workers who feel that they are learning more, gaining new skills and have room to progress tend to be happier at work. A happy worker that feels valued is more likely to stay with a company for the long haul. Additionally, a recent study at the University of Warwick found that happiness led to a 12% spike in productivity, while unhappy workers proved 10% less productive.

TQUK is fortunate to be able offer its employees continuing development. We have a huge list of potential qualifications that our employees can achieve and we regularly enrol people in training programs at local colleges and universities. An employee with more skills has more opportunities and a larger horizon.

But as a company that cares, we know that you can’t stop such work at the walls of your office. It is important to acknowledge the impact an organisation has on its community.

TQUK works with organisations that try to make the UK and better and safer place, like defibshop and Hand on Heart. These amazing organisations ensure that communities in Manchester and around the UK are Heart Safe, ensuring that public places have defibrillators ready for use if needed.

There’s loads of ways you can invest in your workforce, many of which you can discover by returning to our blog or following us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

See you out there!