We feel the chestnuts roasting by the open fire and can hear sugarplums dancing in our heads. After we recline back into our armchair, stifle a stuffing-y burp with the scrag of our reindeer jumper, put Die Hard on the television and descend into a turkey-induced oblivion, our thoughts wander the snowy mindscapes of desire. The end of the year is for looking back, and looking forward. As a thoroughly serious and respectable awarding organisation, there are things we wish we could receive on this most festive of occasions that would make both our work and lives that much more successful and productive.


The further education sector has been wracked by storm and tempest in 2017. And there are some things we believe could bring us some peace and tranquillity. So grab a mulled wine, palm a few rum balls and don your favourite paper hat to indulge in TQUK’s 2017 Christmas Wish List, where everyone in the office reveal what they wish to happen in that mysterious and slightly erotic land known as 2018.


Katie Orr

The Office Ms. Claus: Caring, Homely and Our Highest Authority

To continue to grow the team. Ever since TQUK was approved to be an End-Point Assessment Organisation, the amount of work we’ve had to do has exploded! We need more team members around the office to help grow the business into the world-dominating juggernaut we know it can be!



Andrew Walker

TQUK’s Glorious Leader.

For United to win all the games. What? It would be great for office morale!





Kyle Green

Head of Creativity and Challenger to the Title of Best Office Beard.

We’ll be launching the EPA website in the new year. It’s going to super slick. The whole Creative Team has been working super hard on it. I just want everyone to like it!




Alex Davies

EPA Coordinator, Office Humanitarian, Positivity Ambassador

A loosening of the rules around workplace alcohol consumption.





Paul Morrison

Quality Wizard and Marathon Runner

What do I want for Christmas? Perfect software. No, seriously. There have been too many times where our systems have crashed out. Brand new sparkly lines of code, please!





Ash Smith

Lead Actor in the Critically-Acclaimed Family Christmas Play, The Bear.

For all my centres to start off the new year with lots of learners. So many of our partners have had a very strong year and I want them to keep that success going into the future. You guys are ace!



 Holly_good.jpgHolly Kowalski-Hicks

Cornish Surfer and Resident Muhammad Ali

An office donut machine with a bottomless chocolate fountain.





Roisin Maguire

Full-Time Business Support Officer, Part-Time Knitter, All-Time White Board Champ

To switch places with Holly. Also, to never be cold again. Why is Nature against me?





Matt Garrod

Business Development Pro and Shameless Alumni

An easy chair in the stock room, where I can take most of my calls and indulge in the occasional cigar. A binaural headset to cover both ears would be tops.





Sam Nightingale

Office Fun Police, Netball Expert, Certified Geordie

A workout room! It's hard to find time to excercise because I have to take care of my son. I could massively utilize the lunch hour!





Kelle McQuade

Itinerant TQUK Evangelist

A rich bank of EPA assessors for the new year would be great. More choice, more flexibility. They can be my army of flying monkeys that I can dispatch all over the land.*




Tom Costigan


Candy cane curry. Don’t ask me why. I’ve just seen it in my dreams.





There you have it: the wild and crazy fruits budding from the imaginations of our eccentric and wily team. If we were to receive all the items on this list, our day-to-day workweek would become a carnival of wonderment and delight. Cross your fingers for us to have all our wishes come true this Christmas Eve!

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See you out there!

*For the sake of reassuring all our customers, we would like to clarify that Kelle McQuade, Lead Business Development Manager, is most certainly NOT the Wicked Witch of the West.