You know that feeling you get when you leave the confines of a damp and stuffy room and step into the clear air? That sudden rush coursing through your bloodstream triggering your realisation of gold-lit possibilities, while the coming hours scintillate with a potential as expansive and infinite an as a horizon blazing with the first burning cloud of a new dawn?


No? Us neither.

But our office move? That came pretty darn close.


For those of you who’ve been under a rock for the last four weeks, TQUK, in early August, made a HUGE move across the city from our old office on 84 Liverpool Road in Cadishead to Dunham House in Sale. It capped more than four years since TQUK was founded in 62 Liverpool Road, where the company pluckily began its long campaign to save the UK, and the world, from mediocre Awarding Organisations. But as TQUK grew, we needed a space that would reflect our ambition to stand out from other organisations.



Moving day was, contrary to all expectations and fears, fairly seamless. First, it was the desks, carefully measured out by Katie (her first use of maths in a long time) and installed on the Thursday before the big day.


Then came the computers and phones...


Then all the important stuff that fills the office: chairs, plants, the Box of Many Things...



The moment it was done, we all breathed a sigh of relief. Ahhhhhhhh.

The first day up and running was surprisingly quiet. We assumed having everyone in one room answering phones and calling to each other across the room would create some serious din. Not so. And it turned out to be a good sign. A day we expected to be extremely hectic went very smoothly. All the chaos, somehow, seemed to sort itself out. (Well done, chaos.)





We also had the pleasure of adding two new members to the TQUK team, Matt and Elsa. Matt is our new Business Development Officer, he will be processing centre recognitions and helping to answer any and all centre queries relatable to business development. 


Elsa is our new Lead Generator Extraordinaire. She’ll be diving into our phones and crisscrossing the country to build relationships and drum up business to build on TQUK’s growth and success. (Thanks, Elsa!)


Now, look. We love Cadishead. It’s where we grew up and it will always have a special place in our hearts. But it was time to move on to bigger and better things.  

Sale is wonderful. Cross Street, the main artery through the town, is flanked by lines of wonderful shops, a giant labyrinthine Sainsbury’s and leafy residential streets. We’ve got tram links into the city centre, ten parking spaces and a pub next door, The Volunteer, that does a mean tuna melt with chips for £3. (Woah!)


Sale town centre is also very close by, where everyone can stroll to for some a la carte bistro grub. As you can imagine, our lunch game has been significantly upped. The office food aficionado, Tom Costigan, has already been sending pictures to the rest of us over his lunch hour that make us salivate. Just check out the colour on that margarita pizza!


Inside the office, we now have the space to properly expand, hire new people and bring in new equipment. We have swaths of white walls bathed in natural light that we’ll populate with art, logos, TVs and maybe a white board or two. (Who are we kidding? Six white boards.)


It hasn’t all been plain sailing. We’re navigating a new way to work and this has thrown a number of staff members into a bit of a spin. People are arriving 30 minutes prior to shift as they adjust to traffic patterns – Andy is pleased!

Colour has once again swept back into our lives, lighting the candles of our imagination with fire of possibility, or something like that. We’re really looking forward to a future in our new home, excited and ready to take on any and all new challenges.

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See you out there!