International TEFL Academy

We love all of our centres across the globe. When they do great things, we can’t wait to shout about it!

So we’re giving a big congratulations to the International TEFL Academy for winning several awards over 2018 and 2019 in recognition of their fantastic service! The ITA were ranked #1 by and across a range of awards and categories celebrating TEFL institutes. They even received a 9.76 rating from their users in 2018 and outranked a number of their competitors! Well done, guys!

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Personal developing qualifications for TQUK

Our Qualifications Team is always on the cutting edge, creating new and in-demand qualifications for centres all over the UK. Here's what they've been up to this month! 

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Centre Devised Assessment

Have you just become a TQUK centre? Do you need help creating Centre Devised Assessments? Well you’ve come to the right place!

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Jay Baughan EQ Summit 2017-18

This article was originally published on FE News on 25 February 2019. 

Mental health has become a prominent topic across the world in recent years. The rise of mental ill health along with its effects in almost every area of life, inside and outside of work and school, has become more recognised as discussion around mental wellbeing has become mainstream.

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The Last Supper Parody

A number of new disciples *cough* starters, have begun their TQUK journey last week as the number of our followers continues to grow!

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