Get on board with the UK's fastest growing Awarding Organisation!

Training Qualifications UK has become the fastest growing Awarding Organisation in the UK and we're showing no signs of slowing down! 

As an Ofqual regulated Awarding Organisation, all of our qualifications are guaranteed to conform to a high standard. We take steps to ensure that all Centres that offer a TQUK qualification are provided with the support that they need to give the best service possible to their Learners.

Since 2013, we’ve worked hard to develop Training Qualifications UK into the world-class Awarding Organisation we are today. Our growth is tempered and informed by our Values. Every day, we strive to be:











The application of these 10 Values to our work day ensures that we are constantly providing all of our Approved Centres with the attention, commitment and support they need to deliver the best possible learning experience.

Applying these values to our work day also means we can constantly strive to improve ourselves as individuals and as a company. We're committed to helping learners get to where they need to go, faster.

Need some additional reasons as to why you should choose TQUK? Here are the first 12 just off the top of our heads: