TQUK ESEA, based in Hong Kong, is the first business hub for the company in Asia and will be responsible for overseeing our business development and opportunity in countries including Macau, China and Taiwan. They will be extending our current world-class customer service and streamlined version of our qualifications to East Asia.


TQUK Managing Director Andrew Walker said: ‘We are incredibly excited about this opportunity to expand the business and the time is now.’

‘We couldn’t have picked a better country to expand to, their historical links to Britain, it's an incredibly strong and dynamic trading region and Hong Kong’s primary business language is English which makes things much easier on our end!’

‘This development indicates just how seriously other countries take our educational system and the value of having a UK-presented qualification and certificate in a subject. It is a fantastic move for our team, and we have every faith this will be a huge success."

TQUK ESEA will be delivering a range of TQUK qualifications and endorsed courses from various sectors to businesses, colleges and universities.

To find out more information about our ESEA team, you can visit their website here: http://www.tquk.hk/

Alternatively, you can also find them via the social media platforms below:

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