We Are Net*

Set up in 2012 by experienced business manager Annette Ritson, We Are Net aims to help clients to grow their businesses by creating and designing attractive and user friendly websites, introducing branding to attract their perfect customer and marketing their products and services.

‘Net* attributes its success to three key factors: putting the right business infrastructure in place from day one, growing at a steady but sustainable pace and being passionate about the work they do for clients’

Net* help Training Qualifications UK to present their range of accredited qualifications to the public by designing our clean and easy to use website whilst they also host and design the makeup of the learner management suite.



The Skills Network

Through exceptional accredited qualifications and inspiring learning experiences, The Skills Network helps over 25,000 learners achieve a nationally recognised qualification each year across employer, education and employer settings.

With their award-winning Learner Management System (LMS) ‘EQUAL’ and accredited published educational content, The Skills Network has created an innovative learning model that includes support from subject specialist Tutors and dedicated Learner Support Advisors.

They deliver accredited qualifications, apprenticeships, CPD certified short courses and sector-specific vocational programmes



1st4sport Qualifications

1st4sport is an awarding organisation which is recognised and regulated by Ofqual and specialises in the offering of vocational and occupational qualifications in the active leisure, learning and well-being sector.

Offering over 300 qualifications to 850 recognised centres, 1st4sport develops their qualifications with the assistance with recognised sporting governing bodies such as the ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board), The FA (Football Association), England Hockey and the Association for Physical Education.

Training Qualifications UK work in partnership with 1st4sport by sharing good practice and experiences to help improve the services we both provide to clients and learners. We utilise and discuss shared ideas on regulatory issues and assist one another with situations that might arise during the course of performing our role as a regulated body.



Federation of Awarding Bodies

The Federation of Awarding Bodies is the membership organisation for vocational awarding bodies in the UK with over 110 organisations in membership. Representing a respected voice within the vocational qualifications and education arena, they raise the profile of vocational qualifications whilst updating, informing and advising awarding bodies on issues of interests around vocational qualifications.

Training Qualifications UK is a Full Member with the Federation of Awarding Bodies which means we have the necessary resources and expertise to offer qualifications and other validation of learning outcomes to a recognised and transparent standard that meet the needs of learners, employers and stakeholders. 



Coursecheck is a comprehensive customer survey system designed specifically for training courses. Detailed feedback is only visible to the course provider but comments and overall ratings are published on for anyone to see.

  • By showcasing feedback on Coursecheck, training providers can “prove” how good their courses are.  People like this complete picture, especially on an independent website.
  • Google loves reviews so search engine rankings get a big boost.
  • Integration with social media makes it easy for people to spread the word
  • Automated reports let management keep an eye on the big picture without ever losing sight of the detail.

All sorts of training providers use Coursecheck.  What they share is that they’re all proud of the training they deliver.  Find out more about Coursecheck here



International Association of certified experts

IACE (International Association of Certified Experts) are a Russian based educational organisation which aim to assist students with internationally recognised courses.

Having hundreds of members, mainly colleges, universities, secondary schools and vocational schools, the Association has a well-established network of connections in the educational market in Russia.

Company representative Svetlana Georgitsopoulou said:‘The new agreement between TQUK and IACE will help award Russian students with internationally recognised courses upon graduation from the colleges and universities in Russia’



Since 2010, The Training and Recruitment House Ltd has been offering Training Courses, Recruitment Services and Consultancy Services for people who want to secure work or for Businesses who want to recruit the right people for the right jobs, ensure that they are trained and that policies and procedures are in place to protect their staff and their company.

They have a wealth of TQUK approved Education and Training e-portfolio training resources available, specifically materials relating to the Level 3 Award and Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training qualifications and also the Level 4 Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practices qualification.

For more information, you can find their website here 

TQUK are delighted to be partnering with to offer regulated blended learning of the very highest quality. Blended learning is proving a far more convenient and economical option for many employers and has been shown to enhance the learning experience and increase the retention of information too. provides online training that is presented in clear, simple English, accompanied by a detailed glossary and live support. Their courses are designed to be easy to understand, both for native English speakers and those with English as a second language.

For more information, you can find their website here.