TQUK approves International TEFL Academy for Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate

Training Qualifications UK is happy to announce that they have approved their first ever American client in the form of International TEFL Academy based in Chicago, IL.

The company will be offering the TQUK Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (QCF) to its learners with the plan to qualify 2,500 students within the first 12 months. Founded on the premise that language education offers English speakers from all backgrounds the opportunity to experience other cultures, International TEFL Academy combines expertise and commitment to excellence to provide fantastic training and personal guidance to students.

TQUK hopes that this approval will prove to be a springboard for further North American centre approvals as the company looks internationally to offer Ofqual qualifications and endorsed courses to clients from the Americas to the Middle East and Asia.

Managing Director of TQUK, Andrew Walker said of the partnership:

“We are proud to approve International TEFL Academy and look forward to a long and successful relationship certificating their TQUK accredited qualifications. Their dedication to quality assurance is what Training Qualifications UK looks for in any potential centre and we are happy to apply our own quality assurance practices to International TEFL Academy.”

Bruce Jones, President – International TEFL Academy

“As a world leader in TEFL certification for teaching English abroad, International TEFL Academy places the highest priority on ensuring that our students receive the very best training in addition to a prestigious accredited qualification that is recognized and respected worldwide.  Accreditation from TQUK provides employers a verifiable assurance our TEFL courses meet the highest standards and our graduates can proudly enter the job market prepared for success in the field of teaching English as a foreign language.”

Training Qualifications UK has approved International TEFL Academy to offer the TQUK Level 5 Certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (QCF).

More information on TQUK can be found at http://www.tquk.org/

More information on the qualification can be found here and the specification can be viewed here.

For further information please contact Andrew Walker (MD) or Katie Orr (OD), on 03333 583344/ Andrew.walker@tquk.org or Katie.orr@tquk.org

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