Blended Learning

Blended learning is an integral part of how we are able to provide several First Aid training courses.

Blended learning is the combination of e-learning with traditional classroom based learning that allows for a more flexible learning experience.

There are many benefits to conducting a training course with blended learning. It allows for a more flexible learning experience, allows the learner to dictate a certain amount of the pace, direction and scope of the course. It also takes some of the stress out of booking physical classrooms.

TQUK has partnered with Psitticus Systems in order to provide our centres with all the e-learning systems they will need to ensure a smooth and seamless learning experience.

How does it work?

Blended learning is available to all TQUK centres.

You can determine for yourself whether you have the capacity to deliver a blended learning course. The latest standards are usually published on the Health and Safety Executive’s e-bulletin. But here are some points you can follow:

  • Blended learning components must be of equal or better quality than face to face learning
  • The individual being trained knows the technology being used.
  • The training provider has an adequate means of supporting the learner during their training.
  • The training provider has a robust system in place to prevent identity fraud.
  • Sufficient time is allocated to classroom based learning and assessment of the practical elements of the syllabus.

The blended learning course is taught in two segments, the first being an online course (6 hours) followed by a 12-hour classroom session, giving you the required 18 contact hours. You MUST perform part one (online) before you attend the part two (classroom) session.

What do you get as part of the Blended Learning function with TQUK?

  • Online video training (no PowerPoint slides)
  • Certificate downloaded at completion of the course
  • CPD certified statement downloaded at completion of the course
  • Evidence-based learning statement downloaded at completion of the course
  • The ability to start and stop the course as needed and to return to where you left off
  • Access to courses for 8 months, even after completion, to keep skills fresh
  • Company dashboard to track training
  • Remedial help during course
  • Free company landing page


Which first aid qualifications are eligible for blended learning with TQUK?

  • TQUK Level 2 Award in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Automated External Defibrillation (RQF)
  • TQUK Level 3 Award in First Aid At Work (RQF)
  • TQUK Level 3 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work (RQF)
  • TQUK Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid (RQF)
  • TQUK Level 3 Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid (RQF)

I am not currently a TQUK centre. How can I apply for blended learning?

Training providers require official TQUK centre recognition status to offer TQUK qualifications using the blended learning system. Centres can request a recognition pack by emailing and can view our current offers by visiting this page. Look out for our special blended learning offers coming soon.

Can I access a demonstration of the TQUK blended learning system?

Yes. You can contact us at 03333 583 344 to set up your demonstration.

Can I use my own blended learning system with TQUK First Aid qualifications?

Yes, however TQUK will require access to your blended learning content prior to learning taking place to review content.

Are there any changes to the classroom-based assessment?

No. Assessment takes place during blending learning hours. Assessment of knowledge and competence will take place as normal, in a classroom, using either the TQUK assessment records or your own pre-approved assessment materials.

Do I need to complete a qualification approval form if I do not currently offer First Aid qualifications with TQUK?

Current centres that do not offer the qualifications will need to complete a qualification approval form alongside notifying TQUK of your intent to offer blended learning.

Will there be any changes to the design or content of certificates for blended First Aid?

Certificate designs for the qualifications will remain the same regardless of delivery method.

Can I offer other TQUK qualifications through blended learning?

With TQUK blended learning is a valid approach for most of its 400+ qualifications.

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