Become an International Centre

Become an
International Centre

Training Qualifications UK (TQUK) welcomes the opportunity to work with international training providers to help learners pursue careers using UK-regulated qualifications.

Why use an Ofqual regulated Awarding Organisation?

The UK education system enjoys a buoyant and well deserved reputation the world over. As an Ofqual regulated Awarding Organisation we offer standardised, regulated qualifications across the continents. This standardisation ensures that no matter where you are in the world, learners are achieving the same level and standard of qualification anywhere around the globe.

We can also provide endorsement services for international companies and providers which offer bespoke training courses to learners as an alternative to our regulated provision.

Endorsement of a course by a regulated third party such as ourselves gives learners and employers confidence that the training they are receiving is of the highest standard.

Who are TQUK?

Welcome to the revolution.

When you work with TQUK you’ll see the difference. As an Ofqual regulated Awarding Organisation, we have challenged the market and the accepted way of doing things. We’ve built our Awarding Organisation to do things differently, a refreshing alternative to the archaic and traditional approaches which are common place in our sector.

Our team have the vision and desire to maintain our position as one of the top UK Awarding Organisations. We don’t say ‘no’ because a certain request or query doesn’t suit us, or because it hasn’t been done before, we just love the challenge of a new idea and working with like minded people to revolutionise education.

Currently we have over 400 recognised centres worldwide and over 100,000 learners across 50 countries including USA, India, Greece, Cyprus, Mauritius, Russia, Spain, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

International Centres

International Centres wishing to work with TQUK would be subject to the same centre agreement as our UK Centres whilst being subject to quality monitoring.

Our international awarding programme includes:

  • 99% of e-certificates issued within 24 hours of request and paper certificates within 48 hours
  • Recognised skills across the world with British certificates
  • Assessment against recognised international industry standards
  • Undertaken consultancy in over 80 countries around the world with National Governments

International Centre Approval

Our international approval process works much in the same way as our UK Centre approval process: as straight-forward as possible. We realise that every training provider is different and we work closely with each applicant to really
understand your business.

There are criteria we have to apply but we understand that there will be different ways of meeting those criteria.

International Fees and Pricing

We keep our fees fair, competitive and in black and white. We’ve set out a package for
International centres that we’re sure you’ll agree offers great value for money.

Centre Recognition (International)£3,000
Endorsed Centre Recognition (International)£3,000
Centre Recognition Visit:*per day per staff member + travel expenses £750-£1,250
Training Days (if required):per day £750
Endorsed Course Approval:per course £100
Price per Certificate:depending on course £25-£100
EQA visit**:£3,000
* Centre Recognition visit would cover a minimum of three days and be undertaken by a member of the Senior Management Team.
**Face-to-face or remote

TQUK International Business Hubs

Based in Hong Kong, Greater China or South East Asia? Please contact TQUK ESEA for more information on pricing and fees at or find more information here

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TQUK Recognised Centres

Joining Training Qualifications UK as a Recognised Centre brings a host of benefits.

No annual membership fee

A dedicated Client Relationship Officer assigned to your centre, helping you through every process

99% of e-certificates issued within 24 hours of request and paper certificates within 48 hours


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