As a company made up of 70% female employees, International Women’s Day is important to all of us. Not only to celebrate our wonderful colleagues but to also tell their important and empowering stories in hopes of inspiring others.  

Last International Women’s Day, we celebrated some of our fantastic members of staff and their professional achievements. This year we wanted to hear from some of our female colleagues about the importance of celebrating days like today. 

Let’s start with our Chief Regulatory Officer, Katie Orr. Katie told us, ‘My niece is eight and wants to be a volcano explorer. I want to create a world where she can do just that, unhindered by stereotypes or barriers that prevent her from getting the opportunities that she needs. Working at TQUK I have the privilege of being able to contribute to the creation of these opportunities in a small way, and I do it in the company of some truly fantastic women who challenge the status quo every day.’ 

A volcano explorer? It doesn’t get more exciting than that! We take pride in shaping a company that paves the way to inspire others to take and make opportunities.  

Next, we spoke to Maria Atkinson, Early Years EPA Assessor. 

‘As a woman in the education and training industry, I feel strongly that we are represented well here at TQUK. Being offered roles where we are encouraged to demonstrate compassion, make strong decisions and use our expertise and knowledge in our specific sector(s). TQUK believes in all its employees showing courtesy, putting their team first and showing a willingness to learn. The fantastic team of women here demonstrate these behaviours consistently to one another, motivating and encouraging one another to succeed while providing the best support to all Apprentices resulting in fantastic results and feedback.’ 

Being able to offer roles in which women can excel and empower one another is a job we don’t take lightly. We know the importance of providing women with opportunities like this and pride ourselves in taking an active role to make sure we consistently strive for this. 

We then heard from Stephanie Mannion, Head of Operational Services here at TQUK. She stated that, ‘Since joining TQUK in 2019 I have been on an incredible journey of progression and am now honoured to be in the role I am in. Throughout my career at TQUK, I have been given the platform to develop and have continuously been supported personally and professionally by our amazing Executive Team. As a woman in business, a single mum, and a member of our Leadership Team, I am privileged to be in a position where I can act as a role model for aspiring talent throughout the business. As a leader in business, identifying talent and empowerment of skill will always be at the forefront and something I encourage in all my Team leaders and Managers. Happy International Women’s Day to all the formidable TQUK women I have the pleasure of working with each day. 

With female employees making up 70% of the company and 60% making up our Leadership Team, supporting them in their professional and personal journeys is important. Many of our staff are mothers, sisters, daughters and aunties, with not only their professional commitments but also their own personal ones. Whether that’s spending time inspiring their family members or encouraging them to seek larger opportunities, TQUK is just one part of a much bigger personal journey for many of our staff members.  

And finally, Lucy Kelford, EPA Operations Team Leader told us that, ‘as the older sister of a two-year-old girl, I want to be the best role model I can be. It means a lot to me to show her how empowered women can be. I have felt supported by my female colleagues in my time at TQUK and this has allowed me to progress within the company and remain ambitious about my future here. I want my little sister to see this and feel as though no dream is unachievable when we support each other.’ 

So, what does it mean to celebrate International Women’s Day here at TQUK? Well to us, it means creating an environment that supports and inspires our female members of staff, learners, Apprentices and all those we work with so they have a platform and voice to empower other women in their lives.  

Happy International Women’s Day to all the wonderful women here at TQUK, you make us so proud, today and every day.