Here at Training Qualifications UK, we love seeing people achieve qualifications that can change lives. That’s why October’s Qualification of the Month is the TQUK Level 1 Award in Alcohol Awareness (RQF).

The rise of Covid-19 brought a lot of change into everyone’s lives, including a nationwide lockdown which saw businesses such as pubs, bars, restaurants, and shops temporarily close.

The TQUK Level 1 Award in Alcohol Awareness (RQF) develops learners’ knowledge and understanding of alcohol, it’s use and misuse. It develops and recognises learners’ personal knowledge and skills which can be applied to aspects of everyday and working life.

Due to bars and pubs closing during multiple lockdowns, people started to drink more in their homes. From having a few drinks over zoom with friends, to a couple of drinks at dinner with the family, people started to fill their spare time with a drink.

Research shows that one in ten people drank more during Covid-19 restrictions, suggesting the emergence of a subgroup of individuals of developing a ‘new normal’ in terms of drinking habits.

The qualification allows learners to recognise some of the physical and psychological effects of alcohol misuse, and the effects of withdrawing from alcohol.

Alcohol is a factor in more than 60 medical conditions, including, mouth, throat and stomach cancers, high blood pressure, liver damage and depression.

Paul Burkin, Qualification’s Manager at Training Qualification’s UK said: “The TQUK Level 1 Award in Alcohol Awareness is an opportunity for people to gain a better understanding of the effects of alcohol misuse, the health issues associated with misuse and the impact in can have those around you. Part of having a greater awareness of alcohol is also knowing where you can access support and how to recognise the symptoms of misuse in others.”

How can learner’s progress

On successful completion of this qualification, learners can progress onto other qualifications to help them advance in their career. The qualifications that learners can progress onto include:

  • TQUK Level 1 Award in Mental Health Awareness
  • TQUK Level 1 Award in Substance Misuse Awareness
  • TQUK Level 2 Award/Certificate in Equality and Diversity
  • TQUK Level Certificate in Counselling Skills
  • TQUK Level 2 Diploma in Care

What will the learner’s takeaway from this qualification

During this qualification learners will have a better understanding of alcohol and some of the possible causes of alcohol misuse. On successful completion of this qualification learners will also:

  • Know about differences in unit strengths
  • Know the possible causes of alcohol misuse
  • Recognise some of the physical and psychological effects of alcohol misuse
  • Be aware of the effects that alcohol misuse can have on others
  • Be aware of the health issues associated with alcohol misuse
  • Recognise the effects of withdrawing from alcohol

Total Qualification Time

Total Qualification Time (TQT) is comprised of Guided Learning Hours (GLH) and an estimate of the number of hours a learner is likely to spend in preparation, study or any other learning including assessment, which takes place as directed by, but not under the supervision of a lecturer, supervisor, or tutor.

The credit value, where given, for a qualification is determined by TQT, with one credit equating to 10 hours of learning. Total Qualification Time for this qualification is 30 hours.

How to start delivering the qualification if you’re a centre:

To be able to offer any TQUK qualification, each centre must be recognised by TQUK and meet qualification approval criteria.

If you would like to start offering TQUK Level 1 Award in Alcohol Awareness (RQF) we would love to talk more! Our Business Development team are always happy to help, simply contact the team and they’ll be able to walk you through the process.

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