Here at Training Qualifications UK, we love to celebrate all the positives that learning, and qualifications can have for a learner.

That’s why we’re joining all learners, employers, centres and training providers in spreading the word about the Festival of Learning Have a go Month and encouraging more adult learners to start a new qualification.

September is officially The Festival of Learning Have a go Month. This campaign was first created in 2013 as an extension of Adult Learners’ Week, which was created to open doors to more opportunities for adult learners, as well as to improve the quality of education they receive.

In 2019/20 there were around 254,000 mature students taking part in some form of education, such as university or qualification courses… that’s 37% of all undergraduate entrants!

The Festival of Learning Have a go Month aims to inspire people to learn and transform their lives with learning, no matter their age.

Adult learner and Apprentice, Levi Llyod said, “I felt the observation of practice that I completed at the end of my time on the course was conducted in a way that I did not feel under any pressure and felt relaxed throughout, enabling me to provide the correct information and the right responses to any questions that I was asked.”

What are the benefits are being an adult learner?

  • Learning capacity increases with age – Studies show that the human ability to learn increases with age because of brain plasticity
  • Adult learners know themselves well – Unlike children and teenagers who choose courses to mimic their parents or friends, adult learners decide for themselves
  • Adult learners are experienced – They can think independently without being affected by outside influences

How to get involved

Start learning

If you’re an adult who never got a chance to finish your education, this is your time to do it. It’s never too late to start learning.

Spread the word

Encourage other adults to learn with you. Find a partner to learn new things with and keep each other’s motivation glowing.

Ready to get started? If you are looking to start a qualification in order to change career, or maybe you just want to expand your knowledge. Here at TQUK, we have a variety of qualifications to choose from.

Our Client Success Team will be more than happy to get you registered with a Centre, so you can change your life through learning.