Here at Training Qualifications UK, we believe that gaining a new qualification can be beneficial to your wellbeing. Whether you’re learning to fly an unmanned aircraft or training to be a teacher, all qualifications have their own benefits, such as building up self-esteem and confidence when you meet and overcome your challenges.

TQUK has teamed up with Tyler Lowe, Founder of wellbeing company Loving Life, to talk about 5 ways gaining a new qualification can be beneficial for your wellbeing.

Through the team’s knowledge and skill set, Loving Life provides services that help companies support their employees to live life better by improving the quality of life and reducing pain and discomfort.

Learning a new skill is exciting and can give you the motivation to get out of bed in the morning, which can help improve your mental health as you have something to look forward to and work towards.

So, let’s get into 5 ways a new qualification can be beneficial to your wellbeing!

Boosts Confidence

We know life can be busy and may put a pause on learning, such as having a baby or a family member being ill. That’s why being able to learn again gives you a sense of independence, as well as a confidence boost, as you know you can achieve your goals.

Engaging in a new skill thickens the brain’s prefrontal cortex. As you develop a new skill, you’ll gain courage and confidence, which can help you override fear and anxiety, making you feel more empowered.

Tyler said, “Being confident helps to give you a positive outlook on life, which can improve both mental and emotional wellbeing.”

Setting Goals

Setting goals and working towards them plays an important role in the way learning influences wellbeing. Having goals to hit when studying can not only improve mental health but your level of personal and professional success.

Tyler said, “Goal setting can provide direction, focus, and clarity. When we experience these feelings, our general wellbeing is positively impacted.”

This can lead to a higher sense of accomplishment and achievement when these goals are reached as you can see the hard work paying off.


Being able to gain a qualification that you care about can make you feel grateful to be in a position where you’re learning something you’re passionate about. Being Grateful allows us to be rewarded with a hit of dopamine – a feel-good chemical that encourages us to do it again and again. So, once you start, it’s easier to keep up the habit.

Tyler said, “Research has shown that gratitude can increase happiness, life satisfaction, and reduce symptoms of depression, therefore positively impacting one’s wellbeing.”

Gratitude allows us to see the world and other people in a new light, giving us the opportunity to appreciate life and our time completing a qualification.


As a learner being able to see your own progress in learning and mastering a subject or skill can give you a sense of achievement. Working hard towards something you’re passionate about can give you a sense of pride, as you’re doing something for yourself and achieving the goals you have set.

“Achieving what we set out to complete can make us feel proud, accomplished, and satisfied. These are all emotions that can support a positive mental and emotional wellbeing.”


Studying a qualification gives you a strong sense of purpose, as the qualification will allow you to further your knowledge and skills in your field. Those that have a strong sense of purpose are more likely to have better mental health and overall, wellbeing. Alongside this, having a sense of purpose can encourage healthier behaviours and lifestyle choices, such as taking up a sport or going to the gym.

“Those with purpose live more meaningful lives, feeling happier, healthier, and more motivated. Gaining a new skill or qualification is a great way to give you purpose and improve your mental and emotional wellbeing”

If you’re looking for ways to improve your wellbeing, head over to Loving Life where there are a range of webinars to get you started.

Looking to gain a new qualification as well as improve your wellbeing? You’re in the right place. At TQUK we have a variety of qualifications to choose from, such as preparing to go into adult social care or mental health awareness.

For more information on how to get started, contact our Client Success Team who are more than happy to help.