You may have recently heard the news of our Level 3 qualifications now holding UCAs points… but that’s not the only exciting qualifications news that we have to tell you.

The Learning at Work department within the University of Portsmouth now recognises Training Qualifications UK qualifications for entry to its suite of Learning at Work (LATW) courses!

Supporting learners to power forward in their careers is at the heart of what we do here at Training Qualifications UK (TQUK). That’s why we work with institutions that want to do the same and provide their learners with the best quality services and resources. One such centre is the University of Portsmouth.

The University of Portsmouth offers a range of Learning at Work courses that give learners the opportunity to get an undergraduate bachelor’s or postgraduate master’s university degree alongside a job they’re currently working, without having to go to university full-time.

How is TQUK involved?

Applications for LATW courses from learners with a TQUK qualification will be assessed on their individual merit, with recognition of prior learning (RPL) being applied at the time of application.

Learners can take this route if they require a more flexible approach to their university learning.

Learner benefits

The structure of studies is individual to each learner and allows learners to tailor the pace of learning to suit the demands of their time.

  • Your existing knowledge can count towards your degree, which reduces the amount of time you need to study
  • You gain a UK university qualification without having to take a career break
  • You can study for a UK bachelor’s or master’s degree from anywhere in the world
  • You don’t need to attend university, saving on accommodation and travel costs
  • You learn what you need, as you need it in your job
  • You can tailor the pace of learning to suit the demands of your time
  • Your learning leads to professional and career enhancement because what you learn is related to your job
  • You learn from subject specialists

Click here to hear more about what learners think, over on the Learning at Work Youtube channel.

Employer benefits

The LATW route is perfect for learners wanting a more flexible, self-study-driven course. But what are the benefits for Employers?

  • Learners develop commercial and strategic awareness, which you can apply in your job
  • Learners do commercially valuable work projects as part of your learning programme
  • Your organisation gains knowledge of best practices and the latest technologies from your work-based projects
  • Learners get new knowledge and advice from university tutors, which you can pass on to others in your organisation
  • Learners feel more motivated as they learn new skills

What can learners progress onto?

TQUK qualifications at level 3 can progress to LATW Level 4 Certificate in Higher Education in Professional Studies.

TQUK qualifications at levels 4, 5 and 6 can progress to LATW Degree courses, with a range of course titles from Business, Engineering, Professional Studies etc.

TQUK qualifications at levels 6 can progress to LATW Master’s degree courses, with a range of course titles including Business, Engineering, and Professional Studies.

Want to know more?

If you’re a learner and want to explore TQUK qualifications, head over to our qualification search engine or contact our Support team.

Want to know more about a Learning at Work course? Contact the University of Portsmouth Learning at Work team.