It’s an exciting week in the world of Training Qualifications UK. No, not because of the football results (although there have been some very happy colleagues amongst us).  

What we’re delighted to share is that UCAS has announced that regulated Level 3 qualifications will now hold tariff points!  

Yes, you heard right! This has never happened before and will change the way in which people use their qualifications, including those offered by TQUK, for progression into higher education.  

What are UCAS points? 

UCAS tariff points translate qualifications and grades into a numerical value which is then used by higher education course providers to assess whether learners have met their entry requirements. 

What are the benefits of the change?  

There are many benefits to learners now being able to use their Level 3 qualifications towards higher education. Here’s what UCAS have to say:  

  • Tariffing all Level 3 (and equivalent) qualifications will ensure a higher probability that the qualification combinations seen on applications are covered, facilitating a smoother decision-making process for HE providers.   
  • It will be impartial. Whilst some qualifications may not be suited for progression to HE, it is not necessarily the place of UCAS to dictate this to universities.  
  • It will support widening access and participation, giving learners from a wider range of backgrounds the opportunity to consider HE. Tariffing a wider range of qualifications may therefore also enable HE providers to diversify their cohorts.   
  • Supports progression to a wider range of destinations, including apprenticeships.   

Any Level 3 qualification, whether it’s an award, certificate or diploma, will have UCAS tariff points attached.  

While universities will have their own entry requirements, this new points system gives learners the opportunity to generate more UCAS points to support their progression into university.  

What’s next? 

If you’re a Centre wanting to discuss TQUK Level 3 qualifications, contact our Business Development team who will be happy to help. Or head over to our qualifications search engine to see what Level 3 qualifications could help you on your career path.