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In order to provide more flexibility in offering additional units at Level 1, we’re making changes to the TQUK Level 2 Certificate in IT User Skills (RQF).

The new qualification specification is attached here and will be live from 1st March 2022.

The purpose of the qualification 

The qualification allows learners to develop IT skills across a range of areas. The purpose of the qualification is to develop knowledge, understanding, and competence in a range of areas, relevant to an IT user. It’s suitable for learners who either use IT in their current job role or plan to enter a job role where IT skills will be used.

The reason for the addition of the units

We’ve added in more units and made all units optional to improve accessibility and flexibility when helping to meet the needs of each learner. The units that have been added have been taken from the Level 1 IT User Skills.

What haven’t we changed?

The current programmes of learning and delivery models’ centres have will not be affected by the addition of units as we have kept all the values the same, for instance, GLH and TQT. This also means the funding allocated to the qualification will not be affected.

How does this affect your centre devised assessments?

It doesn’t affect your current CDAs unless you would like to offer more or different units. If you wish to do so, we recommend that any changes are submitted to the Qualifications Team for approval.

Why choose this qual?

All funding has been removed from IT qualifications at Level 1 and below with Essential Digital Skills Qualifications replacing those which are funded. For more information regarding this, click here. With the addition of the units to our Level 2, there is the option to complete units that were present in Level 1 whilst having public funding available.