Nearly 400 level 3 courses will be available for learners to study for free from April 2021 as part of the government’s plan to get those affected by redundancy during the COVID-19 pandemic back to work.  

The Lifetime Skills Guarantee programme was announced by the Prime Minister in September and the qualifications that are a part of it, including 10 of ours, are all fully funded to adult learners who do not currently hold a full qualification at level 3 or equivalent.  

The full list of 379 can be viewed here, and we’re delighted to list our qualifications below. Click each link to view the qualification specification 

The TQUK Level 3 Certificate in Understanding Substance Misuse (RQF) and the TQUK Level 3 Certificate in Understanding Autism (RQF) are available with a full range of online resources from our friends at The Skills Network 

Our Managing Director, Andrew Walker, sees this as a crucial step for the country and its workforce: “We here at TQUK are always looking for ways to make a positive impact with our work, so it’s great to see ten of our qualifications listed in the government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee programme. 

“The qualifications listed here, both from ourselves and our fellow Awarding Organisations, will provide tangible opportunities for those affected by job losses during the pandemic, opening up new pathways and helping them reboot or relaunch their careers.” 

If you’d like to learn more about how to offer any of the TQUK qualifications that are a part of Lifetime Skills Guarantee or ask any questions about the programme itself, please get in touch with us at