We here at Training Qualifications UK (TQUK) believe an innovative, forward-thinking approach is vital to pushing the sector forwards.

Over the past few years, we’ve been working hard with The Skills Network, our strategic partner for learning technology and learning resources, to develop new ways of doing this, and the relationship continues to grow.

The partnership already covers a vast range of learning resources related to our regulated qualifications, and as distance and blended learning become the new normal, a number of new learning resources are planned for release throughout the year.

The technology we can now offer as a partnership is unrivalled and perfect for the environment that faces us in the new academic year – with uncertainty of face to face delivery and the increased demand for learning technology.

Our technology offer includes:

  • A powerful learner management system to deliver qualifications
  • A new online diagnostic builder to create individualised learning plans
  • Paper-based and online learning resources for funded distance or blended delivery – exclusive with TSN’s learning resources
  • Online content for apprenticeships and non-regulated AEB delivery
  • E-certificates supplied by TQUK
  • The Verve management platform that helps simplify the administrative process
  • API integration to seamlessly connect your internal system to Verve

Andrew Walker, Managing Director at TQUK, said: “When TSN and TQUK joined forces in 2018, our vision was to create a service for our centres that was one of the most innovative, high quality and cost effective in the sector.

Our hard work and commitment to this has seen us realise this vision probably sooner than we all thought but we are delighted to see our centres utilising the tools available to them and transform the way in which the sector operates.”

James Earl, Executive Director at TSN, said: “We have seen some great examples of excellence, quality and outstanding learning – using both organisation’s system and processes.

It is fantastic to see the buy-in from providers, as well as so many new providers joining both TQUK and TSN to utilise our products and services. We’re both very excited to continue our relationship and transform the way organisations operate and give exciting learning experiences, as well as changing the perception of the sector to be a tech-enabled innovator.”

One of the latest training providers to join us on our journey is Back2Work Group, which has announced TSN and TQUK as its strategic partners.

Utilising TSN’s leading learning technology and online content, whilst benefitting from TQUK’s e-certification and innovative methodology, has allowed the organisation to continue to deliver a quality experience to their learners and customers during lockdown.

Luke Muscat, Managing Director at Back2Work Group, said: “We’re delighted to continue our partnership with both TSN and TQUK. Our relationship has gone from strength to strength as the technology, learning content and quality of service both organisations provide is unrivalled in the sector.”

James Earl, Executive Director at The Skills Network, said: “Organisations like Back2Work are vital for the sector. They can see the vision of what we’re trying to achieve in a partnership between ourselves and TQUK – giving the learning content and operational technology needed to provide a great experience for learners, whilst innovating in delivery and compliance.

“We’re excited to work with Luke and the team in the future to further develop products and services that will fly the flag for innovation and outstanding delivery.”