The UK government has announced that the country is now in a state of national lockdown for the next three weeks due to the global outbreak of coronavirus.

In line with this announcement, our office is now closed and all Training Qualifications UK staff are working from home until the lockdown is lifted.

Since the outbreak began earlier in the year, we have been monitoring the global situation carefully and, due to the national lockdowns in Italy and Spain, have taken this eventuality into consideration.

Last week we asked the majority of our staff to work from home. They took their computers and desktop phones with them so their home set-up is much the same as the one they had at the office. The remaining managers and team leaders who stayed in the office to perform critical functions as part of our contingency planning are now also working from home, also with the same set-up they had at the office.

Despite the difficult situation we all find ourselves in, it is business-as-usual for everyone at Training Qualifications UK, and we are committed to offering you our usual high level of support.

One of the few areas we can sadly no longer offer support on is the delivery of paper certificates. The lockdown makes this impossible.

However, you can still issue your learners with their regulated certificates by using our innovative e-certificates.

E-certificates are secure, digital certificates that can be downloaded or delivered direct into your email inbox or the inboxes of your learners. We can commit to a quick turnaround within 24 hours. If you would prefer to wait for paper certificates, we will endeavour to print all outstanding certificates once the office is open.

To support the move to e-certificates, we are currently developing the Verve system to change the “paperless” option from the registration stage to the claim stage. Ordinarily centres will be able to select paper or paperless certificates on the claim screen. However, during this period only paperless certificates will be selectable.

Until this development has been completed, we will be contacting our centres directly for permission to convert claimed paper certificates to paperless e-certificates or whether you would prefer to wait.

Feel free to e-mail after claiming and we will automatically process your desired request. Additionally, should you wish to convert all of your existing learners to e-certificates, please let us know.

E-certificates are a robust and reliable option during these unprecedented times, and we strongly urge you to take advantage of them.

For more information about e-certificates, please read our Innovation page or watch a video here featuring our Operations Officer Troy discussing e-certificates in more detail.

For endorsed certificate enquiries, please contact your account manager. If you have any further questions, get in touch by either calling us on 03333 583344 or emailing us on