The global spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an understandable cause of concern. Governments around the world have acted quickly to slow the outbreak and many businesses are in the process of drawing up contingency plans to protect themselves, their staff and their customers.

Training Qualifications UK is no different.

Currently we are operating on a ‘business as usual’ basis. This means that we are aiming to maintain the same level of service that our customers have come to expect of us.

To allow us to do this, we have been keeping a careful eye on the spread of the virus and have set up an internal team to discuss our actions on the matter. This team is made up of all Heads of departments, managers and team leaders, alongside myself as our Managing Director. Meetings are held every day and the latest advice from the government, and our response to it, is discussed.

All current advice is being strictly adhered to. We have promoted the importance of good hand hygiene to our staff, implemented daily office cleans and asked any staff who may have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for the virus to self-isolate. Moreover, we are adding extra checks for any staff who are due to visit Apprentices, Employers and Centres.

These precautions and our careful monitoring of the situation means that we can continue to deliver our services during this time. We understand that there are likely to be issues during this time, but we are here to help and are dedicated to solving any problems that may arise. 

We will keep you informed of further updates. 

Best wishes,
Andrew Walker
Managing Director, Training Qualifications UK