Learn everything you need to know about our Verve Registration and Certification System, which empowers you to make your processes more efficient and focus on the key parts of your business.

Training Qualifications UK is a great believer in listening to our centres and customers and using their feedback to help us constantly improve our systems and services. Our management suite is no different.

No matter what size your business is, when you work with Training Qualifications UK we want you to enjoy every aspect of your partnership with us. We know that some processes can be notoriously time-consuming and the time taken up by paperwork could be spent so much more effectively doing what you do best: training.

We listened to your feedback and have heard your requests loud and clear: ‘make the processes efficient’. Training Qualifications UK to the rescue.


Verve is our digital management suite. It allows all our centres to manage their interactions with us quickly and easily, all in one place.

The first module was released not too long ago and focused on Registration and Certification, including finance, with future releases for Centre Recognition, Exams and Quality Assurance planned. Our aim is for it to become an all-encompassing management suite which will benefit our Recognised Centres for a variety of processes, keeping things simple and pain-free.

Features of the Registration and Certification module include:

  • Real-time unit selection and rules of combination checking;
  • New and improved e-certificates;
  • Support for endorsed certificates;
  • Support for partial unit certification;
  • Support for standalone unit certification;
  • A new financial tracking system to help track invoices and payments;
  • New reporting features;
  • Application programming interface (API) to link training provider portals with Training Qualifications UK; and
  • Multiple user accounts/user responsibilities.

How does the unit selection and rules of combination checker work?

When we built our rules of combination checker and unit selection tool, it was a George and the Dragon epic battle to bring down the beast. A process which has previously taken countless hours for Training Providers and us, the Awarding Organisation, is now a thing of the past.

Surely you’ve not made it so simple you ask? To quote our Operations Team Leader Nathan, ‘simply tick a box and the unit is on the transcript.’

Our checker removes any manual unit submissions, keeping everything all in one place and completed at the point of claiming rather than requesting units manually.

This allows for easy assessment planning prior to learners beginning their study, removing the need for a manual approach – no more pen, paper and calculator. It’s a fully automated process.

New and improved e-certificates

Our e-certificates are the digital, modern alternative to traditional paper certificates. They are designed with quick release, faster funding claims and easy, secure verification in mind.

PDF e-certificates are available in two formats:

  • Paperless e-certificates
  • Supporting e-certificates

Paperless e-certificates are our most streamlined approach. They replace the need for traditional paper certificates and are emailed directly to our Training Providers’ inbox. From there it’s as easy as emailing or printing on behalf of the learners. For even greater efficiency, our ‘Direct to learner’ e-certificates option allows you to deliver e-certificates straight to learner inboxes.

Supporting e-certificates are designed to complement the traditional paper certificate approach. PDF certificates are made available to view and download online as soon as paper certificates have been released, and can be easily distributed to learners or third parties.

Just what you’ve been looking for, a simple invoices and payment tracking system

One of the most cumbersome (yet most important) tasks for any business is keeping track of invoices and payments. Verve has made this process much more simple with specific payment categories for each payment method (card, invoice monthly and licenses), as well as an easy-to-use date range function to search for specific payments and track monthly expenditure.

From here Training Providers can download order confirmations for their records and find easy-to-view cost breakdowns that track to our invoicing processes.

Our API enabled system means less work for you

You may have heard the term API, but not actually know what it means. Short for Application Programming Interface, an API enables multiple programs to interact with one another.

Think of it like two people who speak different languages. Without a translator, they have no way to connect with one another as there is a “language barrier”. Programs are just the same. The API acts as a means to connect two programs together so that they are speaking the same language.

In the context of Verve, APIs allow you to seamlessly connect internal systems to the system and automatically process registration, claims and supporting processes at no extra cost.

With the two systems connected, the API defines how the two programs interact with one another. In this case, it is largely the transfer of registration and claims data, enabling our centres to manage learners without logging into the TQUK Verve system. The Training Provider is using our system, without using our system.

Misplaced a TQUK document? Solved it.

The Verve documents section allows a user to easily find and access a list of all permitted qualification specifications, complete with assessment criteria and learning outcomes, available 24/7 365 days a year as an easy to download PDF.

Additionally, users can find a plethora of documents which are available to download including Recognition of Prior Learning forms, Special Consideration Request Form, Centre Policies and the all-important Centre Agreements documents.

So that’s it: a whistle-stop introduction to what Verve does and how it can add extra value to your business. If you’ve got a burning question that we haven’t mentioned here, just get in touch and we’ll get you an answer: account.managers@tquk.org

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