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If you are looking to partner with a professional, customer-service orientated, Ofqual-recognised Awarding Organisation that understands the needs of training providers, then Training Qualifications UK are for you. TQUK offers world-class service and support to each of our Approved Centres and every Learner working towards achieving one of our qualifications.

By continually reviewing and updating our suite of qualifications, we will ensure that we meet the needs of our Learners and Centres. With over 200 approved Centres now delivering over 300 qualifications, people are discovering a faster, more efficient way of managing their training diaries, processing their courses and delivering a better service to their Learners.



Built and developed with flexibility in mind, Training Qualifications UK offers a wide range of qualifications, which are recognised by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation England (OFQUAL), that can be adapted to suit the learner’s needs.

As a TQUK approved centre, assessment methods for a large number of qualifications can be moulded to suit the centre and the learner – making the learning experience enjoyable and adaptable to each individual’s requirements.

All qualifications, which are also recognised by the Department for Children, Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills, the Welsh Government and the SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority), come with a detailed specification and an information sheet.

The information provided ensures support in the delivery and assessment of the qualifications which have been developed by industry experts.

Qualifications Specifications include:

  • Units of Assessment
  • Assessment Methods
  • Post Qualification Progression Routes



Apprenticeships are a great way to learn, earn and excel in vocational subjects. Combining all the practical and theory aspects that you need to start on your chosen career path, TQUKs partnership with Industry Qualifications allows us to offer the full range of Functional Skills qualifications required for the complete apprenticeships.

We have an ever increasing range of apprenticeship frameworks on offer which always prove to be a popular choice, because you get paid too!


Endorsed Provision

Endorsed courses allow you to define the content, design, mark and monitor the assessments as an Approved Centre. We’ll just add our seal of approval by declaring that we have confidence in your ability to develop and deliver a high quality learning experience in your area of expertise.

This is where the qualification becomes ‘endorsed’ as opposed to being ‘regulated’ by ourselves. Similarly endorsed courses are not subject to guidelines as set out by Ofqual and therefore do not go through the stringent development plan and accreditation process which normally accompanies our range of regulated qualifications.

The end result? Upon completing a TQUK endorsed qualification, you will get a certificate which is not too dissimilar to the ones we present to learners who have undertaken one of our accredited qualifications. They’ll come with our TQUK endorsed stamp of approval whilst the wording of the certification will refer to the courses rather than qualifications.