The holiday season is coming up, the weekend has just ended, and if you’re like a vast majority of Britons, you had a tipple or two over your days off. And with Christmas coming up the mulled wine and rum will be flowing with no end in sight. It’s an interesting time of year, where festivities of all kinds, public and private are always accompanied by a drink.

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Bears are generally known as pretty wild and scary beasts. They roam the woods of Europe and North America and the ice caps of the Arctic Ocean, hibernating, catching wild salmon, munching down on nuts and berries and invading unsuspecting small Canadian towns. 

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Google Maps fails to plot the driving route from the new TQUK office in Sale, Manchester to the Shibuya area of Tokyo – simply pointing out ‘Sorry, we could not calculate driving directions’.

The prospect of driving from Manchester to Tokyo to most would be absurd, but with the ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative quickly becoming an ambitious reality in Asia, who knows – I might be jumping in my car to a meeting round the corner from the Shibuya Crossing. It would take a while mind, plenty of snacks.

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Today is World Heart Day, a global initiative to increase awareness of the prevalence and risks of cardiovascular disease and other heart conditions that end up taking the lives of thousands of people every day of the year.

Heart disease is one of the most pervasive diseases affecting people all around the world today. Around the world, 17.3 million people die of cardiovascular disease every year. That’s more than 4 times as many deaths than result from malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis combined. While infectious diseases such as these seem more dramatic and dangerous, leaps forward in medicine have lessened their overall worldwide impact. However, heart disease remains the largest killer by far.

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TQUK, for the last couple of years, has been growing and growing, like snowballs rolling down a snow-covered hill. Along the way, we’ve picked up slabs of new business in End-Point Assessment, with many more slabs to come. (By the time this snowball reaches the bottom of the hill, it will have become an abominable snowman so gigantic and ungainly it will topple over and crush any other AOs that stand in our way.)

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