TQUK is continuing its quest to provide you, our lovely centres, with the best possible qualifications available on this Sceptred Isle. So, our Qualifications Development team is always cooking up a new delicacy for you to feast on, from the in-demand qualifications we disseminate all around the world to the more specialised works we’re become known for. This month, the team is serving up a quartet of qualifications that we know will make centres and learners alike salivate.

These first couple of these four qualifications is a wonderful pairing, blending together coaching and mentoring into single courses of learning.

Coaching and mentoring, as we all know, are vital aspects of any career progression, and are invaluable aspects of any functional and healthy workplace. People in all career paths will need, at some point, need to get advice and direction from someone in a more advanced stage of their career in order. Doing so allows them to plan for the future and which careers moves would be most profitable. Concordantly, it is important for those in managerial positions to be able to coach those underneath them and to encourage the best possible performance. It is a great skill to be able to coach and mentor individuals to maximise their potential.

As a result, TQUK has developed our new Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring (RQF) and the Level 3 Award in Coaching and Mentoring (RQF) in association with Essential Teaching UK. These qualifications are designed to develop a learner’s understanding and knowledge of the various aspects of coaching and mentoring. The Level 3 Award will introduce the learner to various coaching and mentoring practices and how they can be applied to various situations and contextualised environments. It will present the learner with the opportunity to progress into various areas of coaching, mentoring, education and training.

The Level 5 certificate is the next level up in the coaching and mentoring ladder from the Award. This qualification is designed for managers with responsibility to foster employees and for those whose job it is to continually coach and mentor members of a team as part of their everyday job. It is primarily designed for managers going into development roles or for those with experience leading others who wish to begin a freelance career as a coach or mentor. In this certificate course, learners will learn, in great depth, the details and applications of various coaching and mentoring practices, how to foster a coaching/mentoring culture in the workplace, understand the skills a coach/mentor needs to have in order to create successful pupils, how to use those skills and what their impact on people may be like.

These two qualifications will be a dynamic duo strengthening any learner’s abilities in coaching and mentoring.

Our third qualification is something wholly different. TQUK, in association with Llegend International Company Ltd. in Hong Kong, have developed the Level 4 Certificate in Understanding Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology (RQF).

The human body is an amazing thing. It is capable of incredible feats, but it’s also complex and prone to failure. It is imperative to those that work with the human body, particularly those working in the therapy sector, gain as much knowledge about it as possible.

This qualification is designed to increase a learner’s knowledge and understanding of anatomy, physiology and pathology, and enable those learners to progress into higher levels of learning or sustainable employment in complementary therapy. It is typically taken by individuals that wish to enter into the physical therapy sector and for those on course to complete various therapy diplomas. In this qualification, the learner will learn about body systems, how to identify different organs and tissues, learn the principles of homeostasis and the effects of certain diseases on the body’s organs and tissues. This qualification is a great starting point for any learner looking to enter into a career where dealing with the human body in a therapy context in needed.

Our fourth and final qualification will be a staple of many training centres and colleges around the country. In order to conform with the Government's requirements under the Prevent Duty, TQUK has created its Level 2 Award in Citizenship and British Values (RQF). This qualification is meant to develop the learner's knowledge, understanding and skills to enable them to uphold British values in their current and future roles. This includes developing an understanding of the effects of extremism, radicalisation and terrorism. The course will promote equality, diversity and social inclusion in the workplace to support the Government task of tackling radicalisation and extremism.

This qualification can be used to prepare learners for induction into future job roles or or as part of a citizenship programmes.

Even as I write this, our Qualification Development Team is already at work on our next exciting qualification. Check back frequently by visiting our blog to keep abreast of the latest news from TQUK, or follow us on Twitter at @tq_uk.

See you out there!